1958 -Liverpool.

John and Cynthia.

October 1958

Taken in the alley way, alongside John Lennon's regular college pub "Ye Cracke".


John and Cynthia...

February 1964

On a plane flying between London and New York.

February 1964

Same Plane...

Up in the air...

Cynthia and John, flying to New York -1964

February 1964

John photographing Cynthia on their way to New York.

February 1964.

John and Cynthia in '64.


John and Cynthia...smiling for the cameras.

Peppermint Lounge

John and Cynthia, visiting the "Peppermint Lounge" while visiting NYC.

At a Premeire

John and Cynthia...

John and Cynthia

John and Cynthia

In a car...

John and Cynthia

Getting onto a plane.

John, Cynthia and Beatles Manager (Brian Epstein)


February 1965

On a swiss holiday.

John and Cynthia, Smiling.

Magazine Photo

Photo from a Beatles Magazine.

Cynthia and John

Cynthia looking at the camera.

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