The week that the war broke out was also the week that Cynthia Powell was born on September 10, 1939 to parents Charles and Lillian Powell. She was born in Blackpool, due to the fact that many pregnant women were relocated from Liverpool area for fear of Bombing raids.  Cynthia and here family eventually returned to their home in Waverly Road, Hoylake, England. This is where she spent her childhood with her brothers, Charles and Tony. She lost her father when she was 17 due to cancer.

Before her father's death she had won a scholarship at the age of 12 to the Junior Art School in Gambier Terrace, Liverpool. There she would be meet her long time friend Phyllis Mackenzie. Due to her father's death, it looked as if Cynthia would not be able to continue her Art Career. Her mother insisted that the insurance money be used for her education. In 1959 Cynthia entered the Liverpool College of Art. Her and her friend chose lettering little did Cynthia know then how much her life would change.

Due to the fact that she came from over the water in Wirral, a certain young man would tease her about her Posh Accent. That young man who was also taking art classes name was John, Cynthia soon found herself interested in him, and she did not realize that she would marry him one day.

Cynthia loved John to the point that she changed her hair color, and let it grow long, and her style of dress to tight black sweaters and very short skirts.

Her mother wanted Cynthia to go Canada with her, as she was worried about her daughter, as by now John was playing in a band and was traveling, so Cynthia did not see him that much, as the band was the "Beatles". But Cynthia loved John, so she stayed in England. When John came home, he married Cynthia on August 23,1962.

On April the 8th, 1963 John Charles Julian Lennon was born to John and Cynthia. The marriage and their child was to be kept a secret, as now the Beatles career was taking off!

In 1968 John and Cynthia's Marriage ended, but not Cynthia's story, she raised Julian without help from her ex-husband, she raised a very nice son and a great musician too. Cynthia has written a book "A twist of Lennon", and has been involved in many other ventures, including recording a song in the 90's a remake of Mary Hopkins song "Those Were The Days"... But she has stayed true to her one love ART. In 2000, Cynthia released four prints of John, that she drew for her son Julian. Cynthia is a true artist.                         

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