September 10th. Cynthia was born in Blackpool, England. To Charles and Lillian Powell.

  September- Cynthia enters the Liverpool College of Art. She would meet John Lennon at this school.

   John and Cynthia Marry at the mount pleasant register office. August the 23rd.

  April 8th. John Charles Julian Lennon is born to Cynthia and John, in Liverpool.

   Cynthia travels with the Beatles to New York, in February.

  • July- John and Cynthia buy their first home. Kenwood, at Weybridge, Surrey.

  Cynthia along with John, George and Pattie Harrison travel to India on February 16th, for a course in Meditation under the Maraharisi. The group leaves on April 12th. Two weeks earlier than planned.

  •  November 8th- Cynthia is granted a divorce from John Lennon.

  July 31st. Cynthia, re-marries, to Italian hotel owner Roberto Bassanini.

   Cynthia and Roberto divorce.

   Cynthia marries John Twist an engineer.

   Cynthia and John Twist, divorce.

Cynthia releases her biography book "A twist of Lennon". *

Cynthia, launches the first exhibition of her drawings in Long Island, New York. Many feature impressions of her involvement with the Beatles, from her book "A Twist of Lennon".*

  December 11th, at a Los Angeles, Press Conference, Sid Bernstein and Cynthia, announce plans for a tribute concert for John Lennon, set in Milwaukee March 12-13 1990. There is a planned line-up of musicians including, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. (The concert however does not take place).

  May 5th, Cynthia and Sid Bernstein once again announce plans for a tribute concert, this time October 9th, in Berlin. (The event never takes place).

  April- "Hello! Magazine" ran a series of articles on Cynthia's life.

January- Cynthia recorded "Those were the days" on a German label *

  Cynthia and friend Phyllis McKenzie hold an exhibition of their work at a London gallery.

              Cynthia paints a collection of pictures of John Lennon, for her son Julian. For a time these are sold on her official website: (the website has since been taken down) She also makes appearances in NYC to promote the paintings.


* A Twist of Lennon, is no longer in print.

* Cynthia's copy of "Those were the Day's" is only available at this time through or

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