Would you like to see a TV movie or film about Cynthia’s life? If you would like to, then please help our fan project!

Our goal is to contact as many studios/networks as possible, asking them to put into production a film/movie.

How can you help? Simply by writing to the studios/networks. Don’t know where to begin? Below is a sample letter, that you can copy and paste into your word processor, to print and snail mail, or simply copy and paste into an e-mail. It’s that easy!

You can also find a list of studio/network addresses, both snail and e-mail. If you would like to add a contact to the list, then please e-mail the website: cynlennon_60@yahoo.com

Let’s work together to make this happen!

Letter to Studio/Networks


   I would like to let you know that as a fan of Cynthia Lennon, that I would love to see a film made about her extraordinary life… I believe that many of her other fans, including those interested in the Beatles, would like to also see a production about her life.

This is the most ideal time for your (network/studio) to begin working on this project, as Cynthia will be releasing her memoirs on September 28, 2005, the book will be titled “John”, I and all of her fans believe the release of this book, will draw a huge interest to her life and career.

In the past Cynthia has written a “Twist of Lennon”, a biography of her life… she also spent much of her time with the Beatles in their early years, and her fans are always amazed how she is hardly mentioned when any production is created about John Lennon.

Aside, from John and the Beatles, she has raised a very talented son Julian Lennon, who has had top hit songs.

She also has been very involved her whole life in Art, she is a wonderful artist! A few years ago she even created a line of portraits of John Lennon, dedicated to her son, Julian.

Cynthia also has recorded a few songs. In the early 90’s she re-recorded the song “Those were the days”, she proved to also be a very talented singer.

Cynthia also has demonstrated that she is a very remarkable person, never bad mouthing anyone, and has always remained neutral and respectable in every interview.

As a fan I believe your studio could create a fantastic film, truly capturing the essence of Cynthia and her life.

If you do consider creating a project for Cynthia, then please visit the Lennon family website www.lennon.net or for more information on Cynthia: http://cynthialennon.tripod.com

If you are you interested in developing a film, then please send e-mail to: cynlennon_60@yahoo.com
  Your Name




   1515 Broadway, Floor 20,

   New York, NY 10036-8901





    20thCentury Fox Theatricals

    PO BOX 900

    Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

    e-mail: foxmovies@fox.com



   NBC Studios-California

     330 Bob Hope Drive

     Burbank, CA 91523




    500 S. Buena Vista Street

    Burbank, CA 91521-4551




 To add other contacts please e-mail: cynlennon_60@yahoo.com


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